Welcome Home!



We are a veteran service organization dedicated to providing our returning veterans with a place where they can feel at home, where they can find help with whatever challenges they encounter while reintegrating into civilian life.

We are prepared to assistwith medical, educational, mental, and employment, referrals.  We will also attempt to help with any ot5er needs or requests that the veteran may have.  If we don't have the answer to your inquires we will do our very best to find someone who does.

Our Mission:  To provide our veterans and active duty personnel in Southern Maryland with a place of their own where they can feel free to drop in when searching for answers for their needs.

Staffing consists of a Doctor of Social Work and a mental health counselor, both of whom are veterans, who offer their services as volunteer mentors and guides to vets while also connecting them with referrals to other needed services.  In addition we have other volunteers most of whom have served in the US military.  These volunteers serve as the core of our Battle Buddies system. 

Volunteers, trained to be Battle Buddies, will be paired with returning veterans according to need and experience.  Their mission will consist of helping our returning veterans obtain the help they need to successfully meld back in to the civilian world and to lend an ear to our fellow vets.

- Veterans outreach, if you can't come to us we will go to you.
- Transport to medical appointments in partnership with the DAV.
- Assistance with navigating the complex VA system in order to obtain needed services; such as medical, mental, education, employment or any other needs that the client may have. 
- We also extend those services to the veteran's immediate family.  Services also are  available to active duty personnel and their family.

Long term vision for Battle Buddies includes a retreat house where clients will be able to drop in for longer periods of time if needed.  The retreat will be a place where we can provide the veteran with short term housing, counseling, as well as recreational activities and interaction with fellow veterans.  Our services are open to veterans from all branches of service regardless to gender, color, religion, or nationality.